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How Technology is Changing Marketing and Opportunities for Individuals to Make Money in this Change

Traditional forms of marketing are replaced by the internet, mobile phones, and other handy gadgets. Newer technology demands marketing strategies that involve creativity, innovation, and fresh ideas to stand out from the crowd and attract the customers.

Changes in marketing due to technology

Technology has played an insanely massive part in bringing evolution to marketing. Everything that was once relying on newspapers and billboard advertisements is now digital.

If you're aiming to become successful in today's world, the following critical technological changes in marketing are essential to remember:

Understanding internet statistics

One of the most critical components of marketing in 2020 is carefully analyzing the statistics present on the internet that depict customer's feedback, reaction, and consumption of a product or service. This activity helps to develop a better understanding of the likes and dislikes of the users. Technology has given a substantial boost to marketing by gaining access to facts and figures.

Buying and selling products online

Technology is now playing a pivotal role in buying and selling products. Website, internet, and social media are now significant parts of marketing, and this new marketing method is being adopted worldwide.

Strengthening customer loyalty towards products

The feedback system on social media has helped to create brand loyalty among customers as their satisfaction is the topmost priority in marketing.

Automation of repetitive tasks

Chatbots and voice searches are great examples of an innovative approach to digital marketing. This method is allowing easy and friendly search as well as quick answers to queries.

Global/ Cultural reach

Digital marketing has enabled the sellers to pinpoint areas where their marketing lacks and fixes the flaws to improve cultural and global reach. In older times, it was challenging to find out such issues so effectively.

Wearable technologies

Marketing has gotten convenient with wearable and easy to carry gadgets which taking the marketing experience to another level. The concept of distance has vanished now. Information technology has made online earning and selling stress-free.

Are these changes making you feel confused?

Are you unsure what strategies to adopt for bringing your marketing style in the limelight with the help of technology? Don't worry, we've got you covered with marketing and technology books to equip you with all you need to know.

Tools and Weapons: The Promise and the Peril of the Digital Age

Tools and Weapons: The Promise and the Peril of the Digital Age

This book by Brad Smith and Carol Anne Browne is your perfect approachable guide with the best storytelling style to sail safely through the shores and find a proper direction for yourself in the field of marketing. It holds intact the latest technological advancements and proceeds in a personal or historical anecdote.

This book is produced by Microsoft's president, who is also a huge name in the tech market, and he has some enormous guidelines for you. Here's a quick little sneak peek for you to understand what the book is about: • He successfully throws light on how technology can be enlightening and threatening at the same time. • He considers it his responsibility to educate the world regarding the reforms he has brought in the world with the latest innovations. • He also makes the readers understand the implications of the latest forms of technology. • He also addresses the latest technological controversies from the last decade.

Exploring various dimensions of digitalization

This book will turn you into a digital enthusiast even if you are a non-technical human aspiring to step into digital marketing.

Benefits of technology

If you're into machine learning, Al and data privacy, then this book is a must-read for you. The author has also proposed the need to have global rules to use technology. Do you fear compromising your security and freedom through technology usage? Your answer to using technology with any fear lies in here.

Improved quality of life

Nobody is a loser when it comes to technology and the author promises a hopeful future for everyone in the long run with an improvement in the quality of life.

Insights of hurdles the industry is facing

The book discusses the privacy and ethical issues faced by Microsoft in the early 90s and how they bounced back stronger by building trust through marketing. The book also reflects that governments are sometimes the biggest abusers of consumer's privacy. But unfortunately, companies often face the users' backlash for high-level technologies, which are considered the biggest culprits for breaching confidentiality.

Legislative and political difficulties

The author shares his experiences with the top leaders and policymakers. He addresses the need to make adequate rules for the strict privacy maintenance of the users. He shares the tension among governments and tech leaders in the most reflective manner and offers solutions for a better future.

Change in Marketing: Employment opportunities for individuals at stake

As technology brings about an alteration in marketing techniques, employment opportunities are also changing with the situation. These changes occur due to labor requirements and market trends. The rate at which the innovation receives welcome in the market also affects these changes.

Here are a few changes that have taken place for individuals who want to find a suitable job and earn a handsome living:

Artificial Intelligence

Research suggests that robots will take over big mechanical jobs until the next decade, thanks to technology and new marketing techniques. Chatbots are taking over jobs in immediate help and typing fields. Employment rates are bound to suffer due to these changes occurring in our surroundings.

The decrease in demand for middle-class jobs

Jobs for truck drivers, surgeons, word processors, and waiters, etc. are also diminishing due to technology and enhanced marketing as people are demanding quick and instant responses for various services. Around 90% of women in word processing and typing posts have their jobs at stake in America. The same problem is being faced by people of color who are truck drivers, waiters, and working on middle-skilled tasks, losing their importance due to high skilled jobs.

Increase in demand for high skilled jobs

Emotional, cognitive, and technical skills are popular now as they can't by robotic intelligence. The most popularly demanded set of skills is teamwork, giving advice, and coming up with the most innovative ideas.

Technical jobs are in demand, like security analysis, website development, and developing marketing strategies. They're the ones that are not going to be taken over by any chaos anytime soon.

Reskilling programs need to begin in developed countries like the USA, where chances of unemployment in the times to come are high due to the availability of resources to introduce new marketing ways and launch new technology.

Here's a key to your employment in the modern era. Make sure to grab a copy of this book and forget to worry about losing your job.

The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI

The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI

This book by Carlos Gil is a revolution in the world of marketing, brands, and agencies. This book is realistic and provides authentic advice based on detailed experience to build a personal brand.

Discover bold content and marketing ideas

Build smart strategies, dominate the market, and join hands with the world's best content creators by taking help through this key to your much-awaited success.

Develop a relationship between brand and customers

If you're looking to learn the secret of engaging employees and customers effectively on social media platforms, don't miss the fantastic book.

This book emphasizes the fact that human connection and emotion are still meaningful. Users always want to be engaged organically, and there is no way digitalization can lead to human unemployment at a massive scale. All secrets of engagement, interaction, building, and humanizing brands are available in this book for you to get started.

This book is a valuable asset to anyone who intends to work, whether it is a small startup or a global business. This work is a deep dive into the marketing strategies and tactics that companies should be doing if they want to see success in 2020 and beyond.


The changes in ways of marketing through enhanced technology are causing the technology gap, which is one of the significant reasons IT has become an essential skill for everyone to learn and fit into suitable job roles. Hence, anyone looking for employment in the current era should at least acquire education or training in the field of Information technology to avoid risks of being unemployed.

It is no doubt crystal clear that technology has brought massive changes to marketing and employment opportunities for individuals. Still, these books can act as useful guides to help determine the right path to develop brands. They can be the ultimate guiding light for choosing the right marketing strategies and making use of the technology entirely in all possible ways.